Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) updated specification released
15 Jul 2015

The OSGP Alliance released an updated version of the OSGP specification, which includes a new benchmark for security functionality and features.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July 15, 2015—The OSGP Alliance announced today that Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) specification has been updated to include state of the art security enhancements and features. This updated version of the specification supports the new OSGP-AES-128-PSK security suite functionality including AES 128-bit encryption and authentication for more secure smart grid implementations. The updated specification is available from the OSGP Alliance website.

The updated OSGP specification, OSGP-AES-128-PSK security suite, represents results of recent developments of the OSGP Data model and Application Protocol and will be used as a New Work Proposal for standardization purposes. The updated version and security suite includes improved mutual authentication handshake transactions and additional strength to protect against unknown attacks.

The new OSGP-AES-128-PSK security suite is designed to require minimal needs for compute cycles and memory, to be implementable on deployed meter platforms, and to be remotely upgradable. This allows existing utility customers to preserve past investments and minimize the cost to upgrade. The new security suite isAnchorbased on standardized, proven communication protocols and cryptographic algorithms. The new authenticated encryption scheme is largely based on CCMP-AES-128, a widely used protocol designed using proven cryptographic schemes. CCMP-AES-128 is also approved by NIST to protect information classified as SECRET as per the Suite B Cryptography.

Miracle A/S, a Danish company with more than 400 IT experts focused on a wide range of technical platforms including corporate services, cloud computing and mobile communications, reviewed the revised OSGP specification. Michael Østergaard, OSCP, Ph.D., responsible for Cryptography and Information Security at Miracle stated, “Overall, the protocol is secure, well designed and based on established cryptographic primitives (AES, CMAC and CCM) with reasonable parameters. These cryptographic primitives are used in ways that should not give rise to currently known attacks against them.”

“We see this is as another great example of why OSGP is the preferred protocol for smart metering and smart grid applications.” said Poul Berthelsen, Smart Metering Program Leader for NRGi, one of the largest distribution utilities in Denmark.

“This new security suite offers industry leading security features that are very compelling and comforting for our customers and all OSGP stakeholders. We are pleased that the OSGP Alliance continues to find new ways to improve their industry leading protocol.”

NES the leading manufacturer of OSGP meters indicated they would adopt the changes as quickly as possible. “Security is and has been a top priority for NES and we think these essential security updates in OSGP represent a significant leap forward on encryption, authentication and key handling on the last mile. We plan to make these features available in our Patagonia Meters from the time of launch this summer as well as for our existing and earlier meter platforms shortly after” says Sebastien Schikora, NES, Vice President Product Development.

About The Open Smart Grid Protocol

The Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) is a family of specifications published by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) used in conjunction with the ISO/IEC 14908 control networking standard for smart grid applications. OSGP is optimized to provide reliable and efficient delivery of command and control information for smart meters, direct load control modules, solar panels, gateways, and other smart grid devices. With over 4 million OSGP based smart meters and devices deployed worldwide it is one of the most widely used smart meter and smart grid device networking standards.

About The OSGP Alliance

The OSGP Alliance, founded in 2006 as the Energy Services Network Association (ESNA), is an independent global, not-for-profit association that promotes the adoption of the Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) and related services and infrastructure for smart grid applications. Members include utilities, software, hardware and service providers, and solution integrators that share a common goal and vision for promoting open standards for energy demand side management, smart grid and smart metering systems. More information about the OSGP Alliance can be found at


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