OSGP Alliance Announces EUW 2018 Smart Energy Awards
16 Nov 2018

Vienna, Austria, November 16, 2018: The OSGP Alliance announced the 2018 Smart Energy Award winners at European Utility Week (EUW) last week in Vienna. The OSGP Alliance is a global non-profit association dedicated to promoting the adoption of the Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) and infrastructure for smart grid applications towards a future proof modern smart grid. Each year, the OSGP Alliance provides awards to companies that achieve outstanding results with OSGP compliant smart grid/smart metering systems.


This year’s awards were presented by Elly Kreijkes, OSGP Alliance Director and Hendrik Greyling, Board Member of the OSGP Alliance. “We are extremely proud of the successful projects that continue to be delivered based on OSGP, and we are especially impressed by this year’s award winners,” said Hendrik Greyling. “Their achievements are a great reflection on the vast capabilities and outstanding performance available from OSGP based networks.” The OSGP Alliance EUW 2018 Smart Grid Awards recognize excellence, innovation and creativity related to OSGP based projects, solutions and products in four categories.


1) Outstanding Smart Meter Project

Electrica s.a.


This award recognizes exceptional leadership or execution rolling out smart meter infrastructure for the first time or a major expansion to realize benefits of AMI. Gabriel Ruga, CTO of Adrem, accepted the award on behalf of Electrica s.a.


Electrica, based in Romania, won the award for achieving outstanding communications, security and performance results in a challenging environment. Electrica has implemented two successful projects in Romania with SDEE Transilvania Nord and SDEE Muntenia Nord, where the OSGP based solution is effectively delivering 15 minute load profile data for the installed meters at a daily availability rate that is greater than 99.9%. The 15 minute load profile data provided by the system includes billing consumption data and power quality voltage data (minimum, rms values, and maximum) for each phase connected to the meter – providing a rich source of information to support low-voltage grid operations, capacity management and transmission loss reductions. The project includes the NES System, cooperation with local project partner Adrem Engineering, and integration with the IDSpecto MDM System from Görlitz AG.


2) Outstanding Consumer Engagement or Sustainability

TAURON Dystrybucja S.A.




This award recognizes a utility that uses an OSGP based solution to increase consumer engagement that enables making greener choices and implementing distributed generation. Two companies won this award this year; TAURON Dystrybucja S.A. and Gazelec. Laurent Morelle, Directeur Général of GAZELEC de PERONNE, accepted the award on behalf of GAZELEC, and Mariusz Jurczyk, Director of AMI for TAURON  Dystrybucja Pomiary Sp. z o.o., accepted the award on behalf of TAURON Dystrybucja S.A.


TAURON Dystrybucja, based in Poland, won an award for its AMIplus Smart City Wroclaw project, which is an excellent example of utilizing an OSGP based smart grid for integration with smart homes in the challenging and unique environment of a historical city. TAURON Dystrybucja has installed about 370K smart meters as part of the AMIplus Smart City Wrocław project utilizing the NES System. TAURON Dystrybucja was the first energy company in Poland to release a new functionality that allows remote activation of the wireless communication interface in an intelligent electricity meter, which are provided by NES, Apator and Mitsubishi Electric. As a result, customers of TAURON Dystrybucja are the first to observe the energy consumption of individual devices in homes or offices in real time. This is possible thanks to a new service called HAN TAURON AMIplus.


GAZELEC DE PERONNE, based in PICARDIE -France, won an award for its innovative treatment of information from and through an OSGP based infrastructure. VERTPOM® is the name of this Multifluid smart grid solution being developed to create a territory with positive and modular Energy. The exciting objective of the VERTPOM consortium - composed of three partners: GAZELEC DE PERONNE, CIAC IT and UNIVERSITE DE PICARDIE JULES VERNE - is to combine leading edge technologies from the Energy industry and Artificial Intelligence. It includes VERTPOM-BANK® decision support tool which will gather all available data in the territory to balance production, distribution and consumption of any energy produced and consumed in the territory and will be a template for wider deployment. VERTPOM includes the towns of PERONNE and SAINT-QUENTIN; VERTPOM ® is being supported by ADEME, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency.


3) Outstanding Smart Grid Initiative



This award recognizes projects related to smart grid initiatives that leverage or were enabled by an OSGP based solution. Jörg Mittendorfer, CEO of LINZ NETZ GmbH, accepted the award on behalf of LINZ AG.

Linz, based in Austria, won an award for its successful operation of its innovative smart metering project in Austria. The implementation, which has been in operation for many years, includes various smart grid functionalities and is setting the standard for security in OSGP based deployments. The project utilizes the NES System along with S&T Smart Energy’s UIEM System to provide multi-utility metering (gas-, heat-, water meters), automated business processes, street lighting, and load management functionality.


4) Outstanding OSGP Hardware Implementation

Ravdex A/S


This award recognizes projects related to implementing hardware innovations that add new features or capabilities to the OSGP ecosystem. Per Jørgensen, Director of Business Development at OneCo, Poul Eriksen, CTO at Develco Products, and John Haar, Country Manager – Denmark at eSmart Systems, accepted the award on behalf of Ravdex A/S. 

Ravdex, based in Denmark, won an award for utilizing a smart home ready solution using OSGP based meters that offer multiple communication technology, which provide redundant communication capabilities. Ravdex is working with OneCo as its tactical project partner. The project is using NES smart meters to provide an IP fiber communication option connecting to a local device from Develco for consumption data communications, and also to provide power line communications for critical grid health analytics that help Ravdex improve safety, reliability and efficiency.


About The Open Smart Grid Protocol

The Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) is a family of specifications published by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) used in conjunction with the ISO/IEC 14908 control networking standard for smart grid applications. OSGP is optimized to provide reliable and efficient delivery of command and control information for smart meters, direct load control modules, solar panels, gateways, and other smart grid devices. With over 5 million OSGP based smart meters and smart grid devices deployed worldwide it is one of the most widely used smart meter and smart grid device networking standards.


About The OSGP Alliance

The OSGP Alliance, founded in 2006 as the Energy Services Network Association (ESNA), is an independent global, not-for-profit association that promotes the adoption of the Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) and related services and infrastructure for smart grid applications. Members include utilities, software, hardware and service providers, and solution integrators that share a common goal and vision for promoting open standards for energy demand side management, smart grid and smart metering systems. More information about the OSGP Alliance can be found at www.osgp.org.



Elly Kreijkes, Director