Networked Energy Services Appoints RMS as Strategic SADC Region Partner
29 Jun 2018

NES and RMS partnership brings the capabilities and benefits of the NES Patagonia Energy Applications Platform to additional customers in South Africa.

San Jose, CA, June 29th, 2018: Networked Energy Services Corporation (NES), a global smart grid solution provider with the industry’s leading Energy Applications Platform (EAPTM), announced today it has selected and appointed RMS as its Master VAR (Value Added Reseller) of all its products and solutions for the SADC (Southern African Development Community) region. NES chose Remote Metering Solutions (RMS) because of its compatible long-term strategy and proven success in the region. RMS relies on partnering with the best smart meter solutions available to bring to reality its core purpose ‘to make the metering, recovery, billing, collection and payment of utilities a non-issue in the lives of as many people as possible’.


RMS, with its headquarters in Pretoria, South Africa, supplies dependable utility metering solutions to listed property funds, corporate clients, residential communities and municipalities. As part of these solutions, RMS delivers trustworthy utility consumption data and enables its clients to achieve accurate utility consumption recovery in excess of R5bn annually. RMS provides a holistic solution that not only involves smart metering, but also offers a customized solution for its clients’ utility management requirements. RMS aims to be at the forefront of innovation, technology and expertise, leveraging its partnership with NES, in order to dominate the utility and revenue solutions industry in South Africa. A few years ago, RMS decided to build their business around OSGP (Open Smart Grid Protocol) based technologies including the NES Patagonia Energy Applications Platform. The Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) is a family of specifications for implementing smart metering and smart grid applications. About 60 international utilities are using OSGP for their smart metering technology. Hendrik Greyling, the RMS CEO, is a Board Member of the OSGP Alliance, which is an independent global, not-for-profit association that promotes the adoption of the OSGP.


With the commencement of this agreement, RMS is now the sole importer of NES products and services for the region, and will redistribute to all approved VAR distributors in the region. This will enable NES and all VAR partners to more effectively manage stock levels and distribution to the benefit of all clients. Furthermore, RMS and NES are committed to entrench the NES brand in the region and provide all the necessary technical support locally, while being able to call on the broad range of expertise from NES to solve unique South African challenges.


“We have used the NES System and products for a number of years now and have found the company to be an ideal partner for our utility management eco-system. By strengthening the relationship between RMS and NES, we believe the brand will be ideally positioned to become the de facto standard by which all utility management systems are measured,” said Hendrik Greyling, RMS CEO and Board Member of the OSGP Alliance. “With more than 50,000 NES smart meters deployed by RMS nationally, RMS is at the forefront of providing smart grid metering solutions to its clients and has a proven methodology and eco-system that ensures accurate and verified billing data is delivered to our customers on time.”


The market value of the commercial property portfolios, where RMS manages the utility metering and billing, is in excess of R350bn, and extends to more than 2,000 buildings. This involves managing more than 12,000 utility supply accounts and billing more than 80,000 customers each month. With more than 70% market share of the Listed Property Sector, RMS is an ideal partner for NES to drive aggressive growth in the region.

"NES has worked with a number of VAR partners in South Africa, and we believe that appointing RMS as the Master partner will benefit everyone involved: RMS, other VAR Partners, their clients, and of course NES as well,” said Mark Ossel, NES Vice-President Global Alliances and Strategic Partners. “SADEC is a growing region and we believe that our joint solution provides keys features, such as secure and reliable communications, accurate identification of losses, and a future-proof architecture, which will ensure success in the region.”


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