120+ utility Cybersecurity leaders and OT specialists to meet in Amsterdam and explore critical IDS developments in the wake of the NIS Directive
26 Nov 2018

Smart Grid Forums’ recent research has revealed that grid operators and generators are now fully committed to the implementation of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) as part of their efforts to protect critical systems from rapidly increasing cybersecurity threats. The NIS directive has placed the onus on these companies to ensure better awareness of the traffic in and behaviour of their network and information systems. This process is made more complex by the convergence of OT and IT: as the operational environment is increasingly digitalised, it becomes more exposed to cyber threats which were previously limited to IT networks and devices.


“The NIS Directive is causing a huge growth in utilities’ focus on cybersecurity deployment” says Robin Sarfas, Conference Producer at Smart Grid Forums. “The imminent threat of significant financial penalties is providing a tangible driver for focused investment in cybersecurity. This must now be translated into action, but our extensive research has shown that utilities need clarity on the effectiveness of the various IDS tools on the market, how they can be configured for a variety of use cases, and how internal capabilities must be optimised to drive cybersecurity performance.”


Following on from the acclaimed SmartSec Europe conference series, Energy Intrusion Detection 2019 is the inaugural conference organised by Smart Grid Forums, dedicated to the implementation of IDS solutions in the electric utility sector. Taking place 29-31 January 2019 in Amsterdam, the conference brings together leaders and experts from utilities’ cybersecurity and engineering domains to explore how critical infrastructure operators must harness these vital tools to take their cybersecurity capability to the next level.


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