OSGP Alliance Selects NMi Certin for OSGP Certification
28 Apr 2017

OSGP Alliance Selects NMi Certin for OSGP Certification


Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 28, 2017 The OSGP Alliance, an association composed of utilities, developers, and integrators that maintain and promote open standards for the smart grid, announced today that it has selected NMi Certin for its OSGP Certification Program. NMi Certin has agreed to a cooperation agreement with the OSGP Alliance for the testing of products for compliance with OSGP (Open Smart Grid Protocol).


NMi Certin will offer OSGP conformance and interoperability test services. Working together, the OSGP Alliance provides a trusted source of verification for utilities that vendors’ products interoperate and conform to the OSGP specifications. The establishment of this new cooperation continues to provide vendors third-party validation of their OSGP implementations that can complement their internal test efforts. Vendors can offer their products to NMi Certin and the OSGP Alliance will release OSGP Conformance certificates based on NMi Certin test reports.


“We selected NMi Certin for it capabilities, skills and quality. NMi Certin is internationally recognized as one of the most trusted laboratories for metering and testing,” said Elly Kreijkes, Director of the OSGP Alliance. NMi Certin has been involved in providing testing of metrology of metering devices for many years. 


“OSGP is a leading standard in smart grids that is designed to support the transition in the utility industry. Its proven reliability as a communication protocol and the information provided to enable management of the low voltage grid is of interest to NMi Certin, and both organizations share the vision of transformation of the grid infrastructure,” stated Mr. Paul van Enckevort, Director Innovation & Business Development NMi Certin.

About OSGP Alliance.
OSGP Alliance is an independent global, not-for-profit association that maintains and promotes the adoption of the Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) and related services and infrastructure for smart grid applications. Members include utilities, software, hardware and service providers, and solution integrators that share a common goal and vision for promoting open standards for energy demand side management, smart grid and smart metering systems. More information about OSGP Alliance can be found at www.osgp.org.


About NMi Certin
NMi is internationally recognized and has an excellent reputation as an independent testing and certification institute in the following fields: oil & gas, utilities, weighing, volume and length, pre-packaging and e-marks, gaming and mobility & traffic law enforcement.  NMi supplies its products and services all over the world. It has branches in the Netherlands, Italy, the United Kingdom and Canada and it collaborates with local organizations in China, USA and Japan.

About The Open Smart Grid Protocol
The Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) is a family of specifications published by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) used in conjunction with the ISO/IEC 14908 control networking standard for smart grid applications. OSGP is optimized to provide reliable and efficient delivery of command and control information for smart meters, direct load control modules, solar panels, gateways, and other smart grid devices. With over 5 million OSGP based smart meters and devices deployed worldwide it is one of the most widely used smart meter and smart grid device networking standards.



Elly Kreijkes, Director